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New Edge Technologies LLC

Richard Pascoe DDS, MS – Delivering excellence in dental care!
Almost all of us learned in dental school how to sharpen dental instruments with an Arkansas or some other very fine grained natural stone. Sharpening was painfully slow but the sharpeners did the job. Thankfully, we didn’t see a lot of patients so we didn’t have many instruments to sharpen. That all changed when I got into practice and I suspect it did for you too.
In the first few years of my career I worked for a government agency. I treated many individuals that hadn’t had a prophy in decades. Needless to say, I found that my instruments got dull very quickly, usually long before I completed one quadrant of scaling. My old Arkansas stone just wasn’t doing the job. This led me on a path to develop a better sharpener, one that sharpened fast and could be sterilized. Sterilizing the stone allowed me to sharpen chair-side which eliminated the large pile of dull instruments I had to sharpen at the end of the day.
I thought about a sharpener with user friendly angles and grooves that would simplify sharpening and that would reduce sharpening errors. I considered the properties I wanted in a sharpener, such as the grit and the hardness of the stone. Working with coating and abrasive specialists, I developed the Gold Edge Sharpener, and founded New Edge Technologies LLC.
New Edge Technologies LLC is now a second generation company producing dental instruments and dental instrument sharpeners. A subsidiary, True Edge Dental LLC, sells dental instruments, the New Edge sharpeners, and offers education and advice for dental professionals at TrueEdgeDental.com.
I founded the company with the dentist and hygienist in mind. Over thirty years of clinical experience has led to innovative product designs that transcend the laboratory to the operatory.
New Edge Technologies LLC