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Dental Instrument Sharpeners – New Edge Technologies LLC

New Edge Technologies LLC was founded to produce the next generation of dental instrument sharpers. The company founder, Richard Pascoe DDS MS, worked with coating and abrasive specialists to develop a number of prototype sharpeners. The primary requirements included a design that eliminates common sharpening errors, has the ability to be sterilized to allow chair-side use, sharpens efficiently, and is durable.
New Edge currently offers three versions of dental instrument sharpeners. The Diamond Edge, Gold Edge-Medium Grit, and Gold Edge-Fine Grit. The Diamond Edge is the most efficient sharpener available and features an ultra-fine grit for precise instrument sharpening. The Gold Edge Sharpeners are resin infused stones that do not absorb water along with contaminants. The Gold Edge-Medium is very efficient yet leaves a precise edge. The Gold Edge-Fine is a less aggressive dental instrument sharpener making it a better choice for those who are less experienced in hand instrument sharpening. U.S. Patent # 8,764,522 B2 July 1, 2014
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Dental Instruments – True Edge Dental LLC

True Edge Dental LLC is the dental professionals product resource, offering the highest quality dental instruments and dental practice supplies. The central theme of is to make available premium quality items with no compromises on design, ease of use, durability, or value. The company strives to partner only with the most innovative dental care firms who are on the cutting edge of improvements in dental health.


True Edge Dental LLC has selected G. Hartzell & Son as a supplier of dental instruments and offers an extensive selection of curettes, scalers, probes, and Periodontal surgical instruments. Many feature Cone Socket technology which offers long-term cost savings and instrument customization. All products available at are supported by comprehensive customer education, and backed by excellent warranties.
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Dental Educational Information – True Edge Dental LLC

A main asset of True Edge Dental LLC is the expertise and information curated over 30 years in dental and periodontal practice. New Edge Technologies founder Richard Pascoe DDS MS shares his experience, advice, and knowledge on the True Edge Dental blog, speaking engagements, and continuing education programs.
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