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G. Hartzell & Son Line Of Dental Instruments To Be Offered On
Traverse City, MI: True Edge Dental LLC, a provider of dental instrument sharpening solutions to dental professionals, is proud to announce it has selected G. Hartzell & Son, Inc. as its exclusive supplier of hand dental instruments. Hartzell is a world leader in dental instrument manufacturing and was acquired by DenMat Holdings LLC in 2014.
“We are excited to be offering the Hartzell line of dental instruments to our customers. I have many years of experience using their instruments and have always been impressed by the attention to detail, durability, and innovation evident in the instruments. The quality of care I delivered to my patients was improved through the use of Hartzell instruments.” said Richard Pascoe, President of True Edge Dental LLC. Hartzell designs and manufactures premium quality dental instruments that have a reputation for precision and durability. They are used by dentists, hygienists, and periodontal professionals for periodontal and dental hygiene, and dental surgery including implants and restorative procedures.
Hartzell has developed innovations such as light-weight instrument handles and cone socket instruments with removable tips that deliver cost savings and are environmentally friendly, reducing dental instrument waste.
About True Edge Dental LLC: True Edge Dental LLC is the online retail division of New Edge Technologies LLC. New Edge Technologies was founded to develop and bring to market the next generation of dental instrument sharpening systems. sells dental instruments, dental instrument sharpeners, and dental office supplies.
About G. Hartzell & Son, Inc.: G. Hartzell & Son is a family-owned manufacturer of dental and surgical instruments, founded by George F. and George O. Hartzell in 1935. Today, approximately 85% of its instruments are manufactured in its factory located in the East Bay area of San Francisco, with the balance of production from Germany.